Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Underneath by Kathi Applet

Cover image The Underneath by Kathi Applet this book is really amazing i couldn't stop reading it. there's the main characters Calico cat, Puck, Ranger,and Sabine. which with his unthinkable family but funny looking as a whole. i would make this a fantasy because the animals kind of talk in it. this book makes me happy when one of the evil man in the world gets destroyed. I felt so bad for the cats they didn't mean to do it it was all Gar-Face fault.
I Loved this book because it was so not boring i felt like i couldn't stop reading. some people don't like this book but i loved it i thought it was going to be boring cause it was fantasy. in my opinion is that i wasn't thinking bout how good this book would be but i loved the book anyway so i felt good bout it. if they Age Range: 10 to 12 if that isn't under that i wouldn't recommend it. Other then that it is a really good book.

Sapphire B. - 7th grader