Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Escaping the Giant Wave by Peg Kehret

 Escaping the Giant Wave by Peg Kehret is a very moving novel. It is about a boy named Kyle who babysits his sister BeeBee during their first vacation in Oregon until an earthquake starts a fire in their hotel. He can't call his parents because they are on a ship for a work party. Since they are close by, they hear that their children's hotel is in flames! Nervous about their children, they hear that a powerful tsunami will flood the area. Acting fast on land, Kyle and BeeBee, along with their rival Daren, see the killer wave approaching land. Will they survive this destructive ordeal? Read this exciting realistic fiction novel to find out!
I liked this realistic fiction book. It was a very strong novel and is all about survival. Another reason why I enjoyed this book is because I study powerful storms and believe it or not, a tsunami is a storm. It engulfs people and destroys everything it touches. I think any one that likes survival stories and storms will absolutely love this novel. I liked it and I hope you do to!

Danielle W.- 7th grader