Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unbelievable by Sara Shepard

The book I recently finished was Unbelievable by Sara Shepard.  It is the fourth book in the Pretty Little Liars book series. This book is about four girls named Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily. In this book the girls are trying to find out who is sending them weird text messages by the name of “A”.  All four girls are experiencing new problems and drama because of “A” and are having to pay the consequences the hard way. Emily is being shipped off to Iowa to live with her crazy cousins, Aria’s boyfriend is going to jail, because of her.  Spencer thinks she was involved in Ali’s murder and Hanna is clinging to a hospital bed after getting hit by a car the night that she thought she found out who is “A”. In this book there is lots of drama and secrets. Also in this book you will discover something that you will not expect.  You might even find out who killed Ali and why.  In Unbelievable you will also find out who “A” is and you would never suspect it.  If you want to find out who killed Ali and who “A” is you have to read the books.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes drama and mystery.

Kasey D. – Mrs. Poulton

Monday, February 14, 2011

Zach's Lie by Roland Smith

Zach's Lie, by Roland Smith, is about Jack, who has to go with his family, into the Witness Security Program, because his dad is caught smuggling drugs in the country and now the guys he worked for are threatening to kill the family if the dad talks.  They move to a small town in Colorado, changing they're eye color, and his sister and mom's hair color. They even changes they're names, Jack Osborne, became Zach Granger, and they thought they were safe. But, when Peter, Zach's new classmate who hates Zach, finds Zach's journel, while Zach's mom and sister go out of town, Zach doesn't know what to do. He can't contact his family, and Peter is threatening to tell everyone who Zach really is. But while all of this is going on, quietly, the worst thing possible happens, the drug dealers, have found their town. Now all they have to do left is track down Zach's family. I would recomend this book to anyone, boys or girls, who likes action books, or realistic fiction books.
Cynthia C. -Mrs. Poulton's class