Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Am The Ice Worm by MaryAnn Easley

This book is really cachy. This book is about a girl named Allison Artwood who lives with her dad in California. Her parents are divorced and they live miles apart from each other. Her mom lives in Alaska where she teaches in a school. So Allison's dad hires a pilot to tke Allison to Alaska to visit her mom. Remember, Allison is a California girl and is not used to the cold. On top of that she is very rich and perky. So she flies in a unstable weather condition with Jhonny Sky...the plane crashes and Allison is left all alone in the wilderness until an Inupiat leader finds her. To find out more about this book, you'll have to read it.

Luis C. - 7th grader

Monday, March 10, 2008

Totally Joe by James Howe

The book Totally Joe is written as an alpha-biography from the point of view of a 12 year old boy named Joe, who is doing an assignment for his Language Arts Class. As you go through the lettersof the alphabet, you learn so much about this funny, interesting and surprisingly fun character. In each different letter you learn some new exciting things that Joe does or did in the past, present or even future. You will never know what he could be doing next. To hear more about the most fabulous person I have ever read about go and check out Totally Joe.

This is the sequel to The Misfits.

Sarina M.- 7th grader

The Watcher by James Howe

The Watcher is about a girl who suffers abuse from her father and decides to remove herself from reality by watching others one summer on the beach. She makes up in her mind about how perfect these people’s lives are, although one boy, Evan is dealing with his parents’ divorce and the other boy, Chris has a beer addicted father. The boys being watched notice her on the beach with her notebook and decide to find who she is and why she is just sitting there. One boy goes to her house to investigate her home life and he witnesses the abuse. When the authorities are called, the father denies what is happening but eventually the watcher opens up and tells about what is happening.
I would recommend this book for people who enjoy intricate stories with several points of view.  The themes were emotional revolving around divorce, alcohol addiction and abuse.

Zach L.- 7th grader