Monday, June 13, 2011

Totally Joe by James Howe

The book I read was Totally Joe by James Howe. It’s about a young boy named Joe Bunch and his language arts teacher assigned him a project called an alpha biography. Joe doesn’t really know what to write about though. His teacher said to write down all his secrets because the teacher is the only one that will see it. The thing about Joe though, is he’s not like other boys. He isn’t a “guy-guy.” Joe is actually gay but yet he’s proud of it. His Aunt Pam knows he is and so does his parents but his aunt is more supportive. I say this because she is always doing stuff for him like putting a colored streak in his hair and painting his pinky nail and piercing his ear. Joe also has great friends because they know he’s gay but it doesn’t bother them they just go along with it. Before you read Totally Joe you have to read Misfits because it’s the beginning of the whole story of the friends and drama.
I would recommend this book to mostly girls because most guys are immature. Most of them will see the word gay and start laughing or make a joke about it. Also, most guys wouldn’t be able to handle some of the events that happen in this book.

-Jackie C.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

The book I read was Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins. Mockingjay is the third book in The Hunger Games Trilogy. Mockingjay follows up on what happened after the exciting ending of Catching Fire and Katniss' life after the Quarter Quell Games.  Katniss becomes the Mockingjay, a symbol of freedom, and helps the rebels fight the Capitol. To find out what happens to Katniss and her friends (and enemies), and who wins the war, you will have to read it yourself.
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an excellent book loaded with action. Any gender can read this. This book will make you want to keep reading. You will not be able to put it down, especially at the end, when all the action takes place.  You won't believe the twist.

Declan S.
Mrs. Poulton
7th Grade

Wings by Aprilynne Pike

The book I reccomend is Wings by Aprilynne Pike.Laurel's life is changing when her parents get new jobs and she goes from being homeschooled all her life to having to go to to high school.Even worse is the fact that a flower like plant is sprouting from her back right in the begining of the year, almost like wings.Laurel learns that she is a fairy and had a whole different life without her human parents. When trouble comes to the fairy world Laurel must choose between being a human and being a fairy. I reccomend this book to girls mostly because is narrated by a girl and has the fairy theme. If you like fantasy then you should read this book. There is also sequels to Wings, called Spells and Illusion

Gayani P.
5 and 6
Mrs. Poulton

Wringer by Jerry Spinelli

Cover imageThe book I have read was Wringer by Jerri Spinelli. This book is about Plamer LaRue a kid who unlike most others in his town is dreading the day he turns ten. In this town there is a special event called Family Fest.This is just like a carnival, with rides games, and lots of food.The only thing bad about it is that on the last day they take 5,000 pigeons and have a sharp shooting contest. All of the ten year olds in the town have to clean up after each shooter takes his turn.Palmer never liked the idea of killing pigeons in the first place, but when a pigeon comes to his house and won't leave he has to choose between what is right and what everyone else is doing. I reccomend this book because it is an easy read and it has a strong message. This novel will have you reading until the very end. 

Gayani P.
5 and 6
Mrs. Poulton

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Cover imageI recently read Lord of the Flies by William Golding and enjoyed it. This book is about a group of schoolboys stranded on an island after the plane they are on crashes. Immediately when you read the book you meet Ralph and Piggy. Ralph is voted leader after he and Piggy find and blow on a conch shell resulting in the rest of the boys grouping together. Also, throughout the book kids think they see a beast on the island and everyone is scared of it.You also meet Jack Merridew in the beginning of the book. Jack and Ralph later fight over being the chief of the group. Though this book is about a bunch of kids surviving on an island, it has a deeper meaning. I believe this book teaches the reader how a community really works and how an entire group can fall apart if split.
            I recommend Lord of the Flies to anyone who wants an adventure story ,or for anyone who wants to read the book for all its worth. Any way you read it you will find Jack and Ralph's opinions on leadership, Piggy's logical thinking, and the twists of the book very interesting and entertaining

Roshan V.
7th grade
Mrs. Poulton

Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne

Cover imageI've recently finished Model don't eat Chocolate Chip Cookies by Erin Dionne. Celeste Harris is everything but skinny. Her official nightmare began when she discovered that she was selected to participate in a modeling contest for “larger” people. In order to avoid the embarrassment, she decided to lose weight and shrink right out of the competition or to be known as Miss Husky Peach Pageant for the rest of her life! Along the way, Celeste began to discover the side of her that she had never known.
I recommend this book to girls because it includes views of middle school friendships, family dynamics and girl issues. It mainly deals with weight problems that would probably affect a teenage girl. If you want a humorous girl book, then pick up Model don't eat Chocolate Chip Cookies and give it a try!

Yan Yan H.
7th Grade
Mrs. Poulton

Assassin by Anna Myers

Gabrielle M.
7th grade

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Camp Confidential by Melissa J. Morgan

The book Camp Confidential, Natalie's Secret Book One, by Melissa J. Morgan is about a girl named Natalie who lives in the city with her mother.  Natalie is a very spoiled girl who gets whatever she asks for.  One summer, Natalie’s mother decides to send her to summer camp.  Natalie is very upset about going to camp and at her mother for sending her away for the summer.  Natalie must face many challenges while at camp.  She must first get use to the the outdoors and nature and all that goes along with it.  Natalie has to learn to make new friends, which she finds difficult.  Natalie has a lot going on, when she finds a secret about her father who she barely knows.  If you want to find out what happens to Natalie, and want some fun summer reading check out Camp Confidential. 

Chyna P.
Mrs. Poulton

Monday, June 6, 2011

Car Trouble by Jeanne Duprau

Cover imageDuff Pringle, the main character, is just out of high school when he gets a job offer as a computer programmer from a company in California. He buys a used Ford Escort and decides to drive cross-country to his job so that he can see the country. However, barely a hundred miles from home, his old car breaks down. Using the Internet, Duff finds someone who wants somebody to drive a car to St. Louis. Duff accepts and uses that as way to continue his journey. Along the way, he meets a friendly hitchhiker named Stu, a girl named Bonnie who wants to be a singer, and many other unique characters. The trip takes many interesting twists and turns, which makes it really fun to read.
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books about road trips and likes when unexpected things happen in a book.

Tara L. 
Mrs. Poulton

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Necromancer by Michael Scott

Cover imageThe book I read recently is called The Necromancer by Michael Scott. This book is about Josh and Sophie Newman being the "twins of legend" who are supposed to save the world. This is the 4th book in the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. In this particular book Scatty and Joan are in another shadow realm, Sophie, Josh, the Flamels, and Aiofe (Scathanch's sister) are going to Palemedes to teach Josh the magic of fire. Also, Dee and Virginia Dare are planning on ruling Earth by setting the mother of all gods, Coatlicue, into the shadow realms. Also Macheavelli and Billy are still trying to realise the monsters into San Fransisco. If this seems like too much happening at once Michael Scott writes it so well that you can follow the stories easily. I would recommend this book to people who like fantasy books or want to read a really good series. I not only recommend this book but the entire series.

Roshan V.
Mrs. Poulton

What My Mother Doesn't Know by: Sonya Sones

This book is about a girl name Sophie who is 15 and is boy crazy just like the rest of us. Sophie finally gets asked out by the boy of her dreams, Dylan and knows it is true love. But she starts to notice that there are some problems. He actually watches the movie on their dates and he doesn't want to tell his parents that she is Jewish. While trying to find someone other then Dylan, she starts to have strong feelings for a boy name, Murph. Liking Murph turns out to be a whole lot harder then liking Dylan. Murph is the school's biggest dork. Sophie doesn't know how she is going to tell her friends about her feelings for Murph but if she doesn't come clean she will be as bad as everyone else who makes fun of them. What My Mother Doesn't Know is a book written in verse about a girl who is being true to herself and having the strength to not give up on what makes her and her heart happy.  I would recommend this book to girls because it is about love, drama, relationships, and friendships.

Gabrielle M.
7th grade

Monday, May 23, 2011

Artichoke's Heart by Susan Supplee

Cover image"Artichokes Heart" written by Susan Supplee is about a teenage girl named Rosemary who is overweight.  Rosemary is ashamed and embarrassed  of her weight.  Rosemary's mom tries to help her daughter any way she can to help her lose the weight.  But, she refuses to let her mother help her with her weight loss.  Other people try and help Rosemary, but she also refuses their help.  What is Rosemary going to do?  If you want to find out what happens to Rosemary, read "Artichokes Heart".

Chyna P- Mrs. Poulton's 7th grade

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

The book I have just finished is The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. This book is about Mary a seventeen year old girl who lives in a village in the middle of what they think is a never ending forrest called the forrest of hands and teeth. This forrest is filled with zombie like creatures called the unconsecrated who carry a disease that turns you into one of them if bitten.When her village is breeched by these creatures Mary, her brother, and a few others are driven out of their home and into a path where only a fence seperates them from the unconsecrated.The rest of the book is about how or if she survives her journey on this path. I reccomend this book to boys or girls because there is some romance, violence, and great story about one girl's will to survive.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage

The book I recently just finished was The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson. When a hobo named Armand is just minding his own business out in the streets of Paris a struggling family comes begging for help. It includes a single desperate mother, a loyal boy, and two cute little girls. At first Armand is confused and doesn’t know what to do. He tries to also ignore their troubles. Before Armand knows it he finds himself caring very much for this family that may have more serious problems than he’s had or has ever had. Being kind he offers the family to sharing is awkward home under the bridge with them. Into worst matters the three children have missed having a comfortable, cozy home of their own. The worst part it was right before the holidays. Armand always thought what one man like him could do to help this poor, kind family for the holidays?!?

Cymberline O.
Mrs. Poulton
Pd 8&9

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood

 The book I just finished reading was Charlie St.Cloud by Ben Sherwood.  This book is about a boy named Charlie who sets out on a journey to find his true love. One day Charlie got two tickets to see the Boston Red Sox play baseball, which is Sam and Charlie’s favorite baseball team.  One thing they didn’t know was that on the way home from the game they would get into a really bad car accident and only one of them would survive.  Charlie was that one.  After that accident Charlie was miserable and basically gave up on life.  He moved to the cemetery where Sam was buried and became the caretaker there.  Finally after thirteen years of the same routine at the cemetery Charlie met the love of his life Tess.  Tess is actually a spirit when he meets her, but he doesn’t know it.  After the accident Charlie got the gift to see people who are  in between the living and dead. But then he sets out on a journey to find Tess and finally have a good life again and so they can fall in love.
        I would recommend this book to mostly girls because it is a love story and girls would understand it better then boys. If you want to find out if Charlie saves Tess from dying and they live happily ever after, you have to read the books.

Kasey D. – Mrs. Poulton

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Head Games by Keri Mikulski

The book that I just finished is Head Games by Keri Mikulski.   The book is about a star basketball player named Taylor who is torn between the game she loves and the boys that she wants to fall in love with.  Her best friend, Hannah, dreams of becoming a fashion designer and asks Taylor to be a model in the school fashion show.  Taylor is hesitant because she is tall and kind of awkward and fears making a fool of herself.  Taylor is also having issues
dealing with her crush, Zach, and all of his “head games”.  Will she survive
the fashion show? Will she find true love without losing her love of
basketball? Read Head Games to find out!

Victoria M.
7th grade student

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Close To Shore - By: Michael Capuzzo

     The informational novel (written like a fictional), Close To Shore, is a great (true) tale of the month of drama of/following the July 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks (which later inspired the movie “Jaws”). This story starts with a breezy afternoon on a 1916 New Jersey beach, when people thought of sharks as we today think of dragons: a myth. But when the first man is killed by a shark… the detectives that investigate find that sharks “are harmless” and could not have killed a man, but we now know today that that is completely false. Instead, they think the murderer is along the lines of a killer whale. More people are killed, and as the people of the east coast try to track down and kill whatever is taking lives, they found out something that no one would ever want to believe…

            I thought this was a great “just for fun” book, but also for people who maybe have a report or informational paper due on great white sharks. I found it very exciting since the author, Michael Capuzzo, really understands how to grip a reader and feel like they’re in the story. What I liked most about this was that different parts are told from different people. The narrator’s view changed from the perspectives of the victims, witnesses, to even the actual shark! This book helps you see the event from all angles and is overall a great book.

Michael Capuzzo has also written The Murder Room, Mutts: America’s Dogs, Der Hai, and more!

Lauren S.
8th grade

Monday, April 4, 2011

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

The book I read was Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins.  Catching Fire is book two in the Hunger Games trilogy.   The story is about a girl named Katniss, who is trying to keep her friend Peeta alive.  In the story, there are “games” that must be won to stay alive; 24 kids must fight to the death to become the winner.  In this second book, Katniss must return to the games as part of an evil plot the President is planning. This time, however,  she has to keep her friend Peeta alive. Will she be able to complete her task, you will have to read it to find out.
            I would recommend this book and trilogy to both boys or girls, because there are both male and female characters in the book that will make it interesting for anyone to read.  This book would be a great choice for anyone who likes stories with a lot of action.

Declan S
Mrs. Poulton

The Toilet Paper Tigers by Gordon Korman

The book I read is The Toilet Paper Tigers by Gordon Korman. This book is about a boy named Corey. He is on a little league baseball team, which is sponsored by a toilet paper company. If that isn't  bad enough, the team is terrible, and the coach knows nothing about baseball. And, to top it all off, the coach's niece, who is an annoying know-it-all, is the team’s “manager”. Throughout the book, Corey tries to get Kristi, the coach’s niece, kicked off the team.  You'll will have to read the book to find out if anyone leaves the team.
            I would recommend this book to anyone who likes baseball. I would also recommend the book to anyone that likes humorous books, because it will make you laugh.

Declan S.
Mrs. Poulton

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Give A Boy A Gun by Todd Strasser

This book is about two high school kids named Brendan and Gary. Brendan and Gary don't play any sports and thats a bad thing in their school. All they football payers and jocks bully them very badly. Brendan was bullied to far one time and then he cracked and got revenge. To find out what Brendan did you'll have to read Give A Boy A Gun.
I liked this book for multiple reasons. First, at the bottom of every other page, there are facts about bullying,  guns, and crime in America. I also liked how the author wrote it. Each couple of paragraphs or paragraph is written from a different person in the story. I would recommend this book to mostly boys since there is a lot of violence, however girls can enjoy it, too.

Ryan B.
Mrs. Poulton

L8r, g8r By: Lauren Myracle

This book is the third book in the series. Three best friends are going through their senior year in high school. There is Maddie, Zoe, and Angela they tell you about what’s going on in their lives through instant messaging. There is a girl in school named Jana, she is one of the people who is out to get the girls. They are trying to decide which collage they should apply to. Love struck Zoe is worried that collage will split up her and her boyfriend. Angela is playing hard ball with Jana and Jana is winning. Maddie is just laying low through her senior year. Although the girls are together now they are worried that the collages they choose will be far enough away to split the three best friends apart. I would recommend this book to girls who like realistic fiction. Find out if they will stay best friends even though Jana is out to get them and that they might be thousands of miles apart!

By: Katy H.
Mrs. Poulton
Pd 8/9

The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer

In the book The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer is about a boy named Alex Morales that works behind the counter at Joey’s Pizza.  He was worried about getting elected as senior class president and making the grades to land him in a good college.  He never expected that an asteroid would hit the moon, knocking it closer in orbit to the earth and catastrophically altering the earth’s climate. He never expected to be fighting just to stay alive. When Alex’s parents disappear in the aftermath of tidal waves, he must care for his two younger sisters, even as Manhattan becomes a deadly wasteland.

Jordan D.Mrs. Poulton
7th grade

The Chosen One

Kyra Leigh is thirteen years old main character of a book called The Chosen One this is a realistic fiction book. She lives in a closed polygamist community. Kyra has over 20 brothers and sisters. Kyra has bee chosen to marry her 60 year old uncle, but she really like a boy named Joshua. shes in a struggle to get what she wants and to make a difference i her life.

Victoria W.
2-3 periods

Who I Am Without Him By Sharon Flake

The book I read was Who I Am Without Him, by Sharon Flake.  She also wrote The Skin I’m In and Begging For Change.  This book is different than the other books, because it’s about  young men and women weigh what they need from the opposite gender.  What they need too find themselves.   This popular short-story collection gives twelve unique stories.  AS relationships go either right or wrong with, surprising, often fenny, always on-point results.  Readers will appreciate the warning signs and perhaps save themselves from the same fate as these fictional characters.  This book is a great read for teens, or grown-ups who are still young at heart.  I really enjoyed this book, because I can relate to a lot of the characters that are in the same situations I’m in. I enjoy reading books that that I can relate to the characters and understand the point they are trying to get across.  

Jade F.
Mrs. Poulton

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

That Was Then, This is Now by S. E. Hinton

In That was Then, This is Now by S.E. Hinton, Bryon and Mark are best friends. When they were nine, Mark’s parents got into a drunken argument and shot each other. Since then, Mark and Bryon have been as close as brothers. Now sixteen, they seem to be growing apart. Mark has been going out more lately and making a lot of money when he is out. Bryon has been spending more time with his girlfriend, Cathy. Bryon starts to notice they’re growing apart, but can’t figure out why. He thinks it could be Mark’s jealousy of Cathy spending more time with Bryon, or whatever it is that is sending Mark home with loads of money. Also, he is sick of street fighting, while Mark can’t seem to get enough of it. Their friendship is tested throughout the book and the result left Bryon with the most difficult decision of his life.

I enjoyed this book because it was full of action, yet not too much action. It teaches you a lesson about who you should trust, and that you don’t know how much some people mean to you until they’re gone.                                                                                           I recommend this book to people who like to read S.E. Hinton books or books of that nature (teenagers in the late 50’s).

Jacob M.
Mrs. Poulton
7th Grade

Brian's Winter by Gary Paulson

Brian Robeson is stuck in the middle of his parents’ divorce when something terrible happens to him. He is flying north to see his father in the oil fields in Canada when the pilot has a heart attack and dies. Brian, who is sitting in the copilot seat, tries to take control of the plane and land. The plane crashes into a lake and Brian survives, but now he is stuck in the Canadian wilderness with only the clothes on his back and a hatchet. Will he survive long enough to be rescued or will the wilderness claim another soul?

Kevin D
7th Grade

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass

The main character, Mia, has synesthesia. Whenever she hears a sound, she sees a shape and color. Also, letters and words have colors for her, too. When she finally reveals her secret, Mia feels as if there was something wrong with her. This is a story about a girl who has to discover how it is like to be different.
I really enjoyed this book because it was fun to find out more about synesthesia as the book went on. I also liked it because the book teaches you valuable lessons, such as the fact that being different is not necessarily bad.
I recommend this to people who like to read about something new (in this case, synesthesia).

Tara L.
Mrs. Poulton (Pd. 5-6)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

The title of the book I finished is called The Wedding  By Nicholas Sparks.
The Book the Wedding was about a guy name Wilson and he is married to his girl name Jane. But His wife Jane has “Fallen out of love with him.” In The Book he has to try to win Her love and romance back.
I think that Girls and Boys would like this book because it about trying to get something back that you love.

Victoria M. 
Mrs. Poulton

Wenny Has Wings-Janet Lee Carey

The book I have just finished is Wenny has Wings by Janet Lee Carey. This book is about Will North an eleven year old boy who had survived a car crash when his little sister Wenny had not. One day while in the hospital Mr. James a preacher comes to visit him and gives him a blank notebook. He tells Will to write to God about his feelings. Instead, Will writes to Wenny who he believes is watching him up in heaven. The whole book is letters from his notebook that he wrote to Wenny about how he is dealing with her death. I recommend this book not only because it is an easy read, but it really showed the characters emotions, and showed how a kid deals with the loss of his little sister.

Gayani P.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thirteen by Lauren Myracle

The book I have recently finished is Thirteen by Lauren Myracle. It is about a girl named Winnie who is in seventh grade and is having lots of problems. First of all Winnie has her first boyfriend and always gets nervous around him. Then the next year in eight grade Winnie starts to feel like she's losing him and feels like he doesnt want to spend time with her. All of Winnie's problems go from boys to growing up and Winnie just doesnt know how to deal with it all. On the other hand Winnie's mom is having a baby and now shes expecting another sister. To find out how Winnie deals with all the drama and stress of middle school you have to read this book Thirteen by Lauren Myracle. Since the author of this book is so good at writing books like these its so easy to connect to and a great read for girls around the age of thirteen.

Jenna A.
Mrs. Poulton's class

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wanted by Sara Shepard

The book I've recently finished is Wanted by Sara Shepard. It's the final book in the Pretty Little Liars series. The four "Pretty Little Liars" are now really to unlocking the mystery of their "friend" Ali's death. They were shocked to discover that Ali had a secret twin sister named Courtney. When Courtney arrived in Rosewood, she started playing with the four girls' minds. Because of her good looks, she instantly became the most popular girl in school and became friends with Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna. The girls were far too excited about their new friendship than to notice that Courtney is actually hiding a a huge secret from them.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery because the story talks about Ali's death a lot. There's also bits of romance and drama that girl might enjoy reading about. This final volume will keep you on the edge of your seat until you reach the end.

Yan Yan H.
Mrs. Poulton
7th Grade

Nobody's Perfect by Marlee Matlin and Doug Cooney

The book I recently just finished is Nobody’s Perfect by Marlee Matlin and Doug Cooney. This book is about a girl named Megan who has spent forever planning her birthday sleepover. She has invited everyone until a new girl named Alexis Powell arrives. Alexis seems all perfect, she smart, pretty and is great at soccer. Unfortunately, no matter how hard Megan tries to be a friend to Alexis she is always rude. Then Megan starts to fear that Alexis is treating is treating her different because she is deaf. When the girls are forced to work on a science fair project, Megan learns the real truth and realizes “nobody’s perfect.”

Monday, March 14, 2011

Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti

 The Title of the book I just finsh is called Something Like Fate, by Susane Colasanti.
 This book is about to best friends "Lani and Erin". Erin is dating this popular boy named Jason.
But when Erin gose to work at a summer camp everything changs.......
I think girls would like this book because it has Drama ,Romance.
One more thing about the book is there in a boy named Blake but he is gay and none knows. ....
 I really Loved this book.

 Torie M.

 Mrs.Poulton 2/3

Crash by Jerry Spinelli

Crash by newberry medalist Jerry Spinelli is a highly recommended book. Crash is recommended because of the setting the book takes place.  The setting is in Pennsylvania on a cul-de-sac with fourteen houses.
 The characters all have great personalities and backgrounds. Crash comes from great history of a great navy cook. His name is known as Scooter. Scooter had a stroke when he was working on his granddaughters tree house years after he retired in the navy. His stroke caused him to be in a rehabilitation center for recovery. Crash, on the other hand, the great football hero, started football when he got his first football helmet. At that time he knocked his cousin out into the snow. This is how Crash got his nickname. When Crash first moved to Pennsylvania, he met someone that was hated for a long time. This person was Penn. Penn was named from the great race that his great grandpa had won called the Penn relays. The reason why Crash hated Penn so much was because of how he lead people and of how happy he always was. Not to mention that he was not very tuff. Crash then met Mike. Mike was Crash's best friend because of how he stood up to Crash. He did this by showing no fear of Crash.
 From all these characters a plot was formed. There were other characters, but they were static. The plot starts off with the introduction when Crash meets Penn and Mike. Then, the rising actions, he starts to become famous to all the cool kids at school, but not Penn. At the end, During the climax, Scooter has a stroke which makes crash care a bout Penn and be nice to him.  The falling action is where Crash starts caring about Penn and Penn becomes more popular than In the resolution, Penn and Crash become best friends. We liked this book partly because of of football. The other reason of why we liked this book was because of the many characters that occur. We recommend that you read this book.

Kevin D

 7th grade 

Angel by James Patterson

The book I recently read was Angel by James Patterson and is the seventh book in the Maximum Ride series.This book is about Max, her flock, and Fang. Fang was in the flock untill he decided to leave in the previous book. In this book Max and the flock take on the Doomsday group, a huge group of people who believe they should kill all the humans and start the world over again with just the mutants. Though that wouldn't include Max, her flock, and Fang they are still going to try and stop the group. The Flock (Max, Iggy, Angel, Gazzy, Nudge, and Dylan) are called The Flock because each of them, and Fang, have wings. So throughout the book both Fang and The Flock learn about this Doomesday group. Fang also creates a new gang of mutants who help him.Both groups later come together to fight the Doomsday group.Though it's not so easy. Fang crushed Max's heart and she is not going to be so forgiving. She has replaced Fang with Dylan and Fang has replaced Max with her clone, Max II or now called Maya. To learn what happens you have to read the book and find out.
      I loved the Maximum Ride series and would recomend it to boys and girls. I think boys will like it for all the action and girls will like it for all the drama.

Roshan V.
Mrs. Poulton

Friday, March 11, 2011

TTyl by Lauren Myracle

Ttyl is about three girls named Zoe, Angela, and Maddie, other know as Zoegirl, Snow Angle, and Mad Maddie. They are each trying to survive their sophomore year but Angela is always falling in love with the wrong guys and Maddie had some issues at a party and Zoe has this one teacher’s attention a little too much. They promised that they wouldn’t drift a part but it’s farther in the year and Maddie and Zoe are hanging with a new crowd while Angela is trying to stay loyal. If you want to know if the three girls friendship survive then read the book. I would recommend this book to girls because it has girl problems and girlier events that boys don’t care about.

-Jackie C.
Mrs. Poulton 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Crazy Man by Pamela Porter

I have read a book by Pamela Porter called The Crazy Man. It’s about a young girl named Emiline, living on a wheat farm and her dog, Prince, chases a rabbit around the field while Em and her father are riding the tractor. Prince didn’t realize that he ran in front of the tractor and Em jumped off to protect Prince. Unfortunately, her father accidentally ran over her foot that left her with a permanent disability and after Em was placed in the hospital her father blamed Prince for everything and tied him up and shot him then walked up the street and never looked back. Em and her mother were left to fend for themselves, so everyone told them to get extra help. The mother went to the mental hospital and had a patient help her in field. I would recommend this book to anyone that can handle and not be immature about the situation.

-Jackie C.
Ms. Poulton  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dead is the New Black by Marlene Perez.

  The book i just finished is Dead is the New Black by Marlene Perez. In Daisy's spooky hometown, Nightshade, there have been a couple deaths of high school girls. Nobody knows how these girls mysteriosy died. Everyone in Daisy's family are psychs except for her. Sometimes Daisy feels left out because the others in her family use their powers to solve crimes. But this time Daisy says shes gonna help solve the mystery whether she has powers or not.
   I would reccommend this book to anyone who likes mystery becuase you will be trying to see who killed the high school girls and what caused them to become ill. Also since the main character is a girl, girls may like this better then boys. But if your a boy you may still like it.  Once i started reading this book i just couldnt put it down. So give this book a try because you may really enjoy it.

Maithri G.
Mrs. Poulton

Anne Frank and Me by Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld

Anne Frank and Me, by Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld, is about Nicole, who hits her head and wakes up as a Jew in France during World War II. She realizes living there that, she had so much in the present that she had always taken advantatage of. Now she has to survive living in France and take care of her little sister and keep them safe from the Nazis. I would reccomend this book to girls who like historical fictions, because the main character is a girl and it takes place during World War II.

Cynthia C.

Mrs Pouton's language arts class

Friday, March 4, 2011

Eargon by Christopher Paolini

The book i just read is called Eargon by Christopher Paolini. This book is about a boy named Eargon who lives in a small town names Carvahall. One day he finds a mysterious stone in the woods while huntng and takes it back to his house. When know one will by it he decides to keep it, the stone hatches into a baby dragon. He names her Saphira for her color. The only other dragon out there is the evil kings. When monsters try to kidnap him but kill his uncle he decides to leave Carvahall. He is joined by a storyteller named Brom who knows a lot about dragons and magic and teaches him as they goes. The go hunting for the monsters that killed his uncle and travel long and far to find the fiends. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and fiction.

Natalie K.-Mrs. Poulton

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

The book I just finished readaing is Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Melinda was at party and called the cops because something horrible happened. Now everyone at school hates her and she has no friends. They dont understand what really happened to Melinda. If only Melinda would tell them the secret. But it just won't come out of her, everytime she tries to tell them she just freezes.
  I mostly recommend this book to girls because the main character is a girl. I would also recommend this book to someone who likes mystery becuase throughout the book you're trying to find out Melinda's secret. When I started to read this book i couldnt stop. So give this book a try because you may really liked it.

Maithri Goud-7th grader

My Life in Pink and Green by Lisa Greenwald

The book I recently finished reading was My Life in Pink & Green by
Lisa Greenwald.
She is also the author of Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes.
This book is about a girl named Lucy Desburg and how her family pharmacy might shut down. Fortunately, when a local homecoming queen shows up at Lucy’s family drugstore with a beauty disaster, Lucy manages to help. As a result, a line of customers come in to receive makeovers from Lucy. Even a whole bunch of customers won’t get the struggling town pharmacy back to the way it was. Suddenly, Lucy comes up with a solution to helping the business and environment. But will Lucy’s spacey mom and stubborn grandmother stop fighting long enough to listen to a seventh grader?
          I recommend this book to mostly girls and people who like to be helpful to others and their own environment.

          Cymberline O.
          7th Grader
          Mrs. Poulton    

Head Games by Keri Mikulski

I recently finished the book Head Games by Keri Mikulski. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. The main characters in this book are Hannah and Taylor. Taylor is tall, pretty and amazing at basketball. But she doesn’t believe any of it. Taylor’s best friend Hannah loves fashion and hates sports. Hannah is doing a fashion show and asked Taylor to be her model. Taylor thinks that she is too tall and not pretty enough to be in the fashion show. Taylor struggles with finding herself and tolerating herself. That’s not all, Taylor also has to decide between Zach, the super popular, super tall, basketball star and Matt, the sweet boy from her math class. Right now she just has too much going on that its hard to handle.

   I would recommend this book to girls because the characters in this book are girls. if you like realitic fiction books with drama this is the right book for you!
Marissa A.
7th grader
Mrs. Poulton

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unbelievable by Sara Shepard

The book I recently finished was Unbelievable by Sara Shepard.  It is the fourth book in the Pretty Little Liars book series. This book is about four girls named Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily. In this book the girls are trying to find out who is sending them weird text messages by the name of “A”.  All four girls are experiencing new problems and drama because of “A” and are having to pay the consequences the hard way. Emily is being shipped off to Iowa to live with her crazy cousins, Aria’s boyfriend is going to jail, because of her.  Spencer thinks she was involved in Ali’s murder and Hanna is clinging to a hospital bed after getting hit by a car the night that she thought she found out who is “A”. In this book there is lots of drama and secrets. Also in this book you will discover something that you will not expect.  You might even find out who killed Ali and why.  In Unbelievable you will also find out who “A” is and you would never suspect it.  If you want to find out who killed Ali and who “A” is you have to read the books.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes drama and mystery.

Kasey D. – Mrs. Poulton

Monday, February 14, 2011

Zach's Lie by Roland Smith

Zach's Lie, by Roland Smith, is about Jack, who has to go with his family, into the Witness Security Program, because his dad is caught smuggling drugs in the country and now the guys he worked for are threatening to kill the family if the dad talks.  They move to a small town in Colorado, changing they're eye color, and his sister and mom's hair color. They even changes they're names, Jack Osborne, became Zach Granger, and they thought they were safe. But, when Peter, Zach's new classmate who hates Zach, finds Zach's journel, while Zach's mom and sister go out of town, Zach doesn't know what to do. He can't contact his family, and Peter is threatening to tell everyone who Zach really is. But while all of this is going on, quietly, the worst thing possible happens, the drug dealers, have found their town. Now all they have to do left is track down Zach's family. I would recomend this book to anyone, boys or girls, who likes action books, or realistic fiction books.
Cynthia C. -Mrs. Poulton's class

Friday, January 28, 2011

"Flipped" By Wendelin Van Draaen

Flipped is about a girl name Juli Baker who falls in love with a boy  
name Bryce Loski ever since he moved into her neighborhood when they  
were little. Bryce never gives Juli any chances because he finds her a  little weird. He just doesn't think a girl who raises chickens and  
sits in trees for fun is for him, until 8th grade comes along.  In 8th  
grade Bryce starts to realize that he might have some interest in Juli  
and Juli realizes that Bryce's blue eyes are just as empty as the rest  
as him. "Flipped" is a funny book that always keeps you wanting to  
read more. It could be read by both girls and boys because every  
chapter is either from Juli's point of view or Bryce's. "Flipped" also  
is a book  that many  of us could relate to which makes it more  

Gabrielle M. - Mrs. Poulton
7th grade

Holes by Louis Sachar

The book I read was Holes. The author of the book is Louis Sachar. This book is about a kid named Stanley Yelnats.Stanley is accused of stealing a pair of shoes that fell from the sky. Stanley has to go to court and the judge gives him two options. He can either go to jail, or go to Camp Green Lake. Stanley chooses the camp. At the camp the boys are forced to dig holes every day. Stanley realizes he is digging the wholes for a reason. He can’t figure out the reason though. The warden is looking for something. But what could be in a dried up lake. Stanley tries to dig up the truth of what there looking for. I would recommend this book to boys because the main characters are boys. Can Stanley break the chain of his family have bad luck because they were cursed? Will he find what the warden is looking for? Read the book and find out!

Hoops by Walter Dean Myers

I read Hoops by Walter Dean Myers. In this realistic fiction novel, seventeen year-old Lonnie Jacksonis the star of a city-wide basketball tournament.His coach, Cal, knows Lonnie can easily make it to the NBA because he used to play pro ball, until he got involved with the wrong people. Cal and his friends got caught betting on games while they were pro. Know, a couple of decades later, Cal's friends know they can make a lot of money by betting on Cal's game. Cal's friends want Lonnie to sit out the championship game, and know Cal has to make a choice whether or not to play Lonnie.
    I would recommend this book to mostly guys. This is because most of the characters are boys. However, if you're a girl and like basketball I would still suggest this book to you.

Ryan B.
Mrs. Poulton
7th grade

The Geography of Girlhood by Kirsten Smith

This book is about a fourteen year old girl named Penny Morrow her mother left her when she was little and now she lives with her older sister Tara and her dad  but her finds a new girl friend  and she has a son.The son and Penny don't get along well.The main focus about this book is Penny runs away from home with her older boy friend and in this story it tells you truly how Penny thinks about life and her problems.

Victoria W.
7th grader

ttyl by Lauren Myracle

Ttyl is a story about three girls in high school going through their sophomore year. The author decided to use instant messaging form to write this book. The three girls in the book are Angela (Snow angel),  Maddie (Mad Maddie), and Zoe (Zoegirl).  These three girls promised stay true to each other even if they are going through tough times. Zoe and angela are have guy trouble and maddie did something that the whole school is talking about! Your going to have to read the book to find out what happens to these three best friends. I would recommend this book to mostly girls who like realistic fiction books.
                                                                                                       By: Katy H
                                                                                            Mrs. Poulton  7th grade 

A Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass

Mia is a 14 year old girl just starting 8th and she’s a little different, when she hears thing, different colors flash across her vision and her letters and numbers have different colors too. In this book Mia is having trouble in school and with her friend Jenna and this is all because of her Synesthesia (that’s the name of her condition). In the book something bad happens that Mia doesn’t understand why it happened but then she realizes it only made her stronger and more appreciative of her Synesthesia. I would recommend this book to most girls but guys can read it too. I think girls will be able to relate to it more than boys because the main character is a girl.
                                                                                             By: Katy H
                                                                                              Mrs. Poulton
                                                                                              7th grade