Monday, March 14, 2011

Crash by Jerry Spinelli

Crash by newberry medalist Jerry Spinelli is a highly recommended book. Crash is recommended because of the setting the book takes place.  The setting is in Pennsylvania on a cul-de-sac with fourteen houses.
 The characters all have great personalities and backgrounds. Crash comes from great history of a great navy cook. His name is known as Scooter. Scooter had a stroke when he was working on his granddaughters tree house years after he retired in the navy. His stroke caused him to be in a rehabilitation center for recovery. Crash, on the other hand, the great football hero, started football when he got his first football helmet. At that time he knocked his cousin out into the snow. This is how Crash got his nickname. When Crash first moved to Pennsylvania, he met someone that was hated for a long time. This person was Penn. Penn was named from the great race that his great grandpa had won called the Penn relays. The reason why Crash hated Penn so much was because of how he lead people and of how happy he always was. Not to mention that he was not very tuff. Crash then met Mike. Mike was Crash's best friend because of how he stood up to Crash. He did this by showing no fear of Crash.
 From all these characters a plot was formed. There were other characters, but they were static. The plot starts off with the introduction when Crash meets Penn and Mike. Then, the rising actions, he starts to become famous to all the cool kids at school, but not Penn. At the end, During the climax, Scooter has a stroke which makes crash care a bout Penn and be nice to him.  The falling action is where Crash starts caring about Penn and Penn becomes more popular than In the resolution, Penn and Crash become best friends. We liked this book partly because of of football. The other reason of why we liked this book was because of the many characters that occur. We recommend that you read this book.

Kevin D

 7th grade