Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thirteen by Lauren Myracle

The book I have recently finished is Thirteen by Lauren Myracle. It is about a girl named Winnie who is in seventh grade and is having lots of problems. First of all Winnie has her first boyfriend and always gets nervous around him. Then the next year in eight grade Winnie starts to feel like she's losing him and feels like he doesnt want to spend time with her. All of Winnie's problems go from boys to growing up and Winnie just doesnt know how to deal with it all. On the other hand Winnie's mom is having a baby and now shes expecting another sister. To find out how Winnie deals with all the drama and stress of middle school you have to read this book Thirteen by Lauren Myracle. Since the author of this book is so good at writing books like these its so easy to connect to and a great read for girls around the age of thirteen.

Jenna A.
Mrs. Poulton's class