Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Life in Pink and Green by Lisa Greenwald

The book I recently finished reading was My Life in Pink & Green by
Lisa Greenwald.
She is also the author of Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes.
This book is about a girl named Lucy Desburg and how her family pharmacy might shut down. Fortunately, when a local homecoming queen shows up at Lucy’s family drugstore with a beauty disaster, Lucy manages to help. As a result, a line of customers come in to receive makeovers from Lucy. Even a whole bunch of customers won’t get the struggling town pharmacy back to the way it was. Suddenly, Lucy comes up with a solution to helping the business and environment. But will Lucy’s spacey mom and stubborn grandmother stop fighting long enough to listen to a seventh grader?
          I recommend this book to mostly girls and people who like to be helpful to others and their own environment.

          Cymberline O.
          7th Grader
          Mrs. Poulton