Thursday, March 31, 2011

L8r, g8r By: Lauren Myracle

This book is the third book in the series. Three best friends are going through their senior year in high school. There is Maddie, Zoe, and Angela they tell you about what’s going on in their lives through instant messaging. There is a girl in school named Jana, she is one of the people who is out to get the girls. They are trying to decide which collage they should apply to. Love struck Zoe is worried that collage will split up her and her boyfriend. Angela is playing hard ball with Jana and Jana is winning. Maddie is just laying low through her senior year. Although the girls are together now they are worried that the collages they choose will be far enough away to split the three best friends apart. I would recommend this book to girls who like realistic fiction. Find out if they will stay best friends even though Jana is out to get them and that they might be thousands of miles apart!

By: Katy H.
Mrs. Poulton
Pd 8/9