Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who I Am Without Him By Sharon Flake

The book I read was Who I Am Without Him, by Sharon Flake.  She also wrote The Skin I’m In and Begging For Change.  This book is different than the other books, because it’s about  young men and women weigh what they need from the opposite gender.  What they need too find themselves.   This popular short-story collection gives twelve unique stories.  AS relationships go either right or wrong with, surprising, often fenny, always on-point results.  Readers will appreciate the warning signs and perhaps save themselves from the same fate as these fictional characters.  This book is a great read for teens, or grown-ups who are still young at heart.  I really enjoyed this book, because I can relate to a lot of the characters that are in the same situations I’m in. I enjoy reading books that that I can relate to the characters and understand the point they are trying to get across.  

Jade F.
Mrs. Poulton