Thursday, March 31, 2011

Give A Boy A Gun by Todd Strasser

This book is about two high school kids named Brendan and Gary. Brendan and Gary don't play any sports and thats a bad thing in their school. All they football payers and jocks bully them very badly. Brendan was bullied to far one time and then he cracked and got revenge. To find out what Brendan did you'll have to read Give A Boy A Gun.
I liked this book for multiple reasons. First, at the bottom of every other page, there are facts about bullying,  guns, and crime in America. I also liked how the author wrote it. Each couple of paragraphs or paragraph is written from a different person in the story. I would recommend this book to mostly boys since there is a lot of violence, however girls can enjoy it, too.

Ryan B.
Mrs. Poulton