Thursday, October 30, 2008

Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

The living are afraid to die. How would you like to be one of the dead, afraid to be alive? Welcome to the world of Tommy Williams, and all the other living dead. Teens all over the USA are rising out of their graves, coming into the world as zombies. Life for them couldn’t get any worse. That is, until one living girl, Pheobe Kendall, tries to make a difference. Oakvale High School takes these living dead teens as students, and the all living teens just want them gone. Well, not all of them. Pheobe Kendall shows compassion for Tommy Williams, leader of the living dead, and when the school creates a program for the living dead she must choose: the living, or the living dead?

I love this book. The detail is amazing, showing everything quite vividly. You can tell he really got into the subject of the living dead. Even though the subject is completely out of this world, you’d think they teach the subject in school! I believe that any science fiction fan should read this book. In fact, any type of book reader would enjoy this book. He really tries to connect, and give this book a bit of every genre.

Kayleigh B- 8th grader

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Angels in Pink by Lurlene McDaniel

Three best friends, Kathleen, Raina, and Holly are in high school. Over the summer they all enroll at the local hospital as pink angels. Pink angels is a volunteer organization where kids in highschool spend their summer cheering up sick or hurt kids, taking care of patients, or working in the different facilities. While working at the hospitals the girls have their hands full with Kathleen's mom's MS, Holly's brother dating Raina, and taking care of one another in the toughest times.

I loved this book because it was suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat. I think any girl (especially girls who like drama) would enjoy this book because the author talks about stuff girl go through only at a much more extreme level.

Madi- 7th grader