Friday, April 29, 2011

The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage

The book I recently just finished was The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson. When a hobo named Armand is just minding his own business out in the streets of Paris a struggling family comes begging for help. It includes a single desperate mother, a loyal boy, and two cute little girls. At first Armand is confused and doesn’t know what to do. He tries to also ignore their troubles. Before Armand knows it he finds himself caring very much for this family that may have more serious problems than he’s had or has ever had. Being kind he offers the family to sharing is awkward home under the bridge with them. Into worst matters the three children have missed having a comfortable, cozy home of their own. The worst part it was right before the holidays. Armand always thought what one man like him could do to help this poor, kind family for the holidays?!?

Cymberline O.
Mrs. Poulton
Pd 8&9

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood

 The book I just finished reading was Charlie St.Cloud by Ben Sherwood.  This book is about a boy named Charlie who sets out on a journey to find his true love. One day Charlie got two tickets to see the Boston Red Sox play baseball, which is Sam and Charlie’s favorite baseball team.  One thing they didn’t know was that on the way home from the game they would get into a really bad car accident and only one of them would survive.  Charlie was that one.  After that accident Charlie was miserable and basically gave up on life.  He moved to the cemetery where Sam was buried and became the caretaker there.  Finally after thirteen years of the same routine at the cemetery Charlie met the love of his life Tess.  Tess is actually a spirit when he meets her, but he doesn’t know it.  After the accident Charlie got the gift to see people who are  in between the living and dead. But then he sets out on a journey to find Tess and finally have a good life again and so they can fall in love.
        I would recommend this book to mostly girls because it is a love story and girls would understand it better then boys. If you want to find out if Charlie saves Tess from dying and they live happily ever after, you have to read the books.

Kasey D. – Mrs. Poulton

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Head Games by Keri Mikulski

The book that I just finished is Head Games by Keri Mikulski.   The book is about a star basketball player named Taylor who is torn between the game she loves and the boys that she wants to fall in love with.  Her best friend, Hannah, dreams of becoming a fashion designer and asks Taylor to be a model in the school fashion show.  Taylor is hesitant because she is tall and kind of awkward and fears making a fool of herself.  Taylor is also having issues
dealing with her crush, Zach, and all of his “head games”.  Will she survive
the fashion show? Will she find true love without losing her love of
basketball? Read Head Games to find out!

Victoria M.
7th grade student

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Close To Shore - By: Michael Capuzzo

     The informational novel (written like a fictional), Close To Shore, is a great (true) tale of the month of drama of/following the July 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks (which later inspired the movie “Jaws”). This story starts with a breezy afternoon on a 1916 New Jersey beach, when people thought of sharks as we today think of dragons: a myth. But when the first man is killed by a shark… the detectives that investigate find that sharks “are harmless” and could not have killed a man, but we now know today that that is completely false. Instead, they think the murderer is along the lines of a killer whale. More people are killed, and as the people of the east coast try to track down and kill whatever is taking lives, they found out something that no one would ever want to believe…

            I thought this was a great “just for fun” book, but also for people who maybe have a report or informational paper due on great white sharks. I found it very exciting since the author, Michael Capuzzo, really understands how to grip a reader and feel like they’re in the story. What I liked most about this was that different parts are told from different people. The narrator’s view changed from the perspectives of the victims, witnesses, to even the actual shark! This book helps you see the event from all angles and is overall a great book.

Michael Capuzzo has also written The Murder Room, Mutts: America’s Dogs, Der Hai, and more!

Lauren S.
8th grade

Monday, April 4, 2011

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

The book I read was Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins.  Catching Fire is book two in the Hunger Games trilogy.   The story is about a girl named Katniss, who is trying to keep her friend Peeta alive.  In the story, there are “games” that must be won to stay alive; 24 kids must fight to the death to become the winner.  In this second book, Katniss must return to the games as part of an evil plot the President is planning. This time, however,  she has to keep her friend Peeta alive. Will she be able to complete her task, you will have to read it to find out.
            I would recommend this book and trilogy to both boys or girls, because there are both male and female characters in the book that will make it interesting for anyone to read.  This book would be a great choice for anyone who likes stories with a lot of action.

Declan S
Mrs. Poulton

The Toilet Paper Tigers by Gordon Korman

The book I read is The Toilet Paper Tigers by Gordon Korman. This book is about a boy named Corey. He is on a little league baseball team, which is sponsored by a toilet paper company. If that isn't  bad enough, the team is terrible, and the coach knows nothing about baseball. And, to top it all off, the coach's niece, who is an annoying know-it-all, is the team’s “manager”. Throughout the book, Corey tries to get Kristi, the coach’s niece, kicked off the team.  You'll will have to read the book to find out if anyone leaves the team.
            I would recommend this book to anyone who likes baseball. I would also recommend the book to anyone that likes humorous books, because it will make you laugh.

Declan S.
Mrs. Poulton