Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood

 The book I just finished reading was Charlie St.Cloud by Ben Sherwood.  This book is about a boy named Charlie who sets out on a journey to find his true love. One day Charlie got two tickets to see the Boston Red Sox play baseball, which is Sam and Charlie’s favorite baseball team.  One thing they didn’t know was that on the way home from the game they would get into a really bad car accident and only one of them would survive.  Charlie was that one.  After that accident Charlie was miserable and basically gave up on life.  He moved to the cemetery where Sam was buried and became the caretaker there.  Finally after thirteen years of the same routine at the cemetery Charlie met the love of his life Tess.  Tess is actually a spirit when he meets her, but he doesn’t know it.  After the accident Charlie got the gift to see people who are  in between the living and dead. But then he sets out on a journey to find Tess and finally have a good life again and so they can fall in love.
        I would recommend this book to mostly girls because it is a love story and girls would understand it better then boys. If you want to find out if Charlie saves Tess from dying and they live happily ever after, you have to read the books.

Kasey D. – Mrs. Poulton