Friday, January 25, 2008

The Unseen by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

The Unseen is a fabulous book is you like magical creatures you would like it. What happens is that there is this girl that is not allowed to go into to the woods but one day decides to? While she is walking she goes into this phase and there are shadows attacking her and even though they are shadows they still leave scars on her. Then she faints and a couple hours later her sister finds her.

This is a really good and scary book.

Brittany G- 7th grader

The Third Eye by Lois Duncan

All her life, Karen was a girl who always felt as if she were different than the other girls her age. She dressed and did her hair like the other girls, had a boyfriend, and did everything a normal teen would do. But something was always off, and Karen didn’t know what until that day, the day she had a vision. It was if she couldn’t escape it; every time she closed her eyes she could see clearly were the missing child slept. And as it turned out, she was right. They found little Bobby Zenner exactly where Karen had said. Now the police believe Karen has psychic abilities as say they need her help. What should she do?

This is a great read; The Third Eye will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Rachel R. - 7th grader

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix

There is a girl name Jessie Keyser that lives in Clifton, Indiana, in the year 1840. Or so she thinks! She lives with her family in a village. When the disease diphtheria starts taking the lives of the village children, Jessie longs for a way to stop the spread of the disease. After some time, Jessie’s mom tells her that it is not 1840, but really 1996. The village that they live in is a historical preserve and they are forbidden to leave. Now Jessie has to leave the village without being caught to try to get help for her friends and family. Will she make it or run out of time? Read this gripping novel to find out more!! It is a page-turner and will please even the pickiest reader.

Kenisha L - 7th grader

The Edge Chronicles: Stormchaser by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddlel

This book is about a boy named Twig on an adventure to be a sky pirate. Thire quest is to find stormphlax, which comes from the heat of the storm. It only unleashes when the storm unleashes its most power. The story takes place on the edge. This place is like a fantasy land. The settings are in Sanctaphrax, the Stone Gardens, Undertown, The Twilight Woods, The Edge Lands and the Deep Woods. The Deep Woods is where all of the weird and scary creatures live. There is lots of action in this book and I don't want to give it all away.

I liked all of the action in this book. Someone who likes action, fantasy, and freaky creatures all in one book would really like this one. If you liked this book, you could read the sequels. I think there are six more after this one. Hope you read this book!

Brett M. 7th grader

Cover-up by John Feinstein

This book is about two fourteen-year-old reporters named Stevie and Susan Carol. Stevie and Susan Carol are sent to the Super Bowl to do some interviews and watch a fair game, but they know that the game they are watching isn't very fair at all. They know that all fie of the starting California Dreams offensive line have tested positive for HGH drugs and that their owner, coach, and team are all covering it up until after the Super Bowl.

This story is a great mystery and a great sports book at the same time. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the game of football.

Eric P. - 7th grader

Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Miranda’s life changes when a meteor knocks the moon closer to earth.  She and her family must survive tsunamis that wipe out the coasts, terrifying earthquakes, and many more life-threatening events.  You will envision her everyday struggles with basic needs for life.
This book is a page-turner filled with suspense and surprises. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

Jonathan M -7th grader

The Lifeguard by Richie Tankersley Cusick

In this book Kelsey goes to visit her Mom's boyfriend, Eric, when she finds out that disaster has already struck. Eric's daughter, Beth, has gone missing. Most people think she drowned, but nobody's actually sure when they realize that two of her brothers and a close friend are all lifeguards. Kelsey decides to investigate to help find out what happened to Beth. She finds so many helpful clues, but they all lead to different people. What actually happened to Beth? Read to find out!
I would recommend The Lifeguard to anyone who likes a good, suspenseful mystery.
Jessica B.- 7th grader

Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko

This book took place in 1935 and it is fictional but has a lot of historical facts and truths in it.  It was about a  12 year old boy named Moose Flanagan who happens to live on Alcatraz Island near San Francisco with his family.  His dad is a prison guard and an electrician there.  He goes to school off the island in a regular school, but can never do anything the other kids do because he always has to go back to the island to take care of his sister Natalie.  She is autistic.  They didnt know what autism was back then so the family had a hard time finding a place to take care of her. 

There is a girl named Piper in the book who is always trying to cause trouble for Moose.  She gets away with it though because she is the daughter of the warden on Alcatraz Island.  Moose tries to stay out of trouble when she is around but its hard.

I liked this book because it was cool to find out that people really did live on the island while real criminals were in jail there like Al Capone.  I would tell my friends to read this because I did like it a lot.

Nick H- 7th grader

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sang Spell by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

This story written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is based upon a young man named Josh who tragically loses his mother in a car accident. The story unravels as Josh decides to hitchhike from Massachusetts to Texas to get to his aunt’s house after he loses his mother. Josh encounters a man while he is hitchhiking who ends up beating him and robbing him of almost everything he has and leaves him for dead on the side of the road. When Josh awakens, he’s in an odd remote place called Canara. The modern world is hidden by the hills and the trees but is there something else hiding the village?

If you like suspense, this book is packed full of it right to the very end. You won’t want to put the book down until you finish it and find out what happens to Josh.

Alex D- 7th grader

Olive's Ocean by Kevin Henkes

Martha Boyle (A.K.A. The main character) is going on her summer vacation soon. The problem is she can’t stop thinking about Olive Barstow, her former classmate, who died in a tragic accident weeks before. Then Jimmy Manning, a neighbor boy is now to her liking.
Olive’s Ocean is a good read that many people will like if they like romance. Try it if you see it. You just might like it.

Daniel B- 7th grader

The Afterlife by Gary Soto

The Afterlife is a book about a high school student named Chuy who is killed by a mysterious man and is turned into a ghost. As a ghost, Chuy must learn how to control his ghost body and adjust to the fact that he is dead. While he is a ghost he figures he might as well explore his home town, Fresno, California. During his journey, though, he makes some new ghost friends and figures out many things about his past along the way. The afterlife, Chuy finds out, is not as easy as he thinks

The Afterlife is a very satisfying book. The book will often keep you reading with all of the unique twists and turns in the book. The plot was well developed and always kept with the story. It is pretty hard to get lost while reading this book. The one thing negative about this book is a lack of action. This book didn't have much of a thrill to it but this is a rather minor complaint for the quality of what it did have. I would recommend this book to everybody who likes to read. If you like ghosts and like to read, The Afterlife is the book for you.

Aaron S - 7th grader

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Warriors: Into The Wild By Erin Hunter

Rusty is and average house cat, but he wonders what it is like to be in the forest. One day he decides to chase after a mouse that ran into forest behind his house. He is caught by a cat from a "Clan". They become friends and Rusty finds out what it's like to live in the wild. Does Rusty like it? Will he become a clan cat too? Read and you will know everything.

Warriors: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter is the first of a series book that will catch any reader, boy or girl. It sure caught me.
Katelyn W.- 7th grader

The Death Collector by Justin Richards

George Archer works at the British Museum cataloguing and fixing its antique clocks. But when his friend Percy is murdered and he joins the Department of Unclassified Objects, George, along with Elizabeth Oldfield and Eddie Hopkins, becomes trapped in a mystery revolving around a scrap of paper revolving around a scrap of paper from a diary. And none of them could have imagined what was happening at the factory of one of the wealthiest men in London.

Death Collector is a very worthwhile book to read. I enjoyed it, and I think anyone who likes a good fiction story will too.

Eric F. - 7th grader

Hatching Magic by Ann Downer

This book is about an ancient wizard, Gideon, and how his pet wyvern, Wycca, goes through a magical time hole to lay her egg.  Gideon's rival, Kobold, goes after Wycca  to capture and control her.  Gideon must travel through the time hole from ancient times to get Wycca and her baby back before Kobold gets to them.  But, Gideon must also get back a missing card from his wyvern deck (to be able to find his wyvern) which has accidently been taken by present day Theodora Oglethorpe!  Theodora Oglethorpe is in love wyverns and wants nothing more but to see and have one for herself. 

This book is full of thrills and suspense and is a good book for anyone who enjoys a good fiction book!

Amanda C. - 7th grader  

Kira-Kira by Cynthia Kadohata

Kira-Kira is a great story that talks about the love of siblings. Katie Takeshima's big sister Lynn is always telling Katie about how the ocean and the sky are kira-kira, meaning glittering, shining. When their family moves to the deep south of Georgia, Lynn teaches Katie why people stop and look at her. Now when Lynn gets incredibly ill and the family starts to fall apart, Katie must show everyone that Kira-Kira is always there for them.

This book is great for anyone who loves books that talk to the heart.

Elana M. - 7th grader

Storm Thief by Chris Wooding

Rail and Moa are thieves that live in the ghetto in a city of complete chaos. Probability storms cause udder destruction on the city of Orokos. Probability storms can do anything to anyone or thing. Whole districts can be rearranged or it can be something as simple as your dominant hand switches from left to right. Rail has suffered from the effects of a storm and is living on a respirator. Now they have found an artifact, a great gift for any thief that will change their fate forever.

I highly recommend this book for any reader looking for tons of mischief and adventure. Storm Thief is action packed and full of suspense.

Tom P-7th grader

Friday, January 18, 2008

Girl of the Moment by Lizabeth Zindel

When Lily’s plans for the summer break fall through, she thinks she will have the worst summer ever.  All of that changes when her dad finds her an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to intern for a teen celebrity, Sabrina Snow.  Read along with Lily as she goes behind the scenes and into the glamorous life of a movie star. 
I really enjoyed this book. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live the glamorous life of a celebrity, this book is for you.
Kirstin P. - 7th grader

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

Liz had her whole life in front of her and in an instant it was taken. She said goodbye to family, friends, and life itself. Now she is in a place called Elsewhere with a grandma she barely even knows. Frustrated, upset and unsure of herself, she goes along trying to cope with the fact she’s growing younger and will never go back to her old life.

Will Liz ever get out of this depression? Will she try to get back to Earth as quickly as she can, or will she accept the facts and create a new life for herself in Elsewhere?

Adriana G- 7th grader