Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hatching Magic by Ann Downer

This book is about an ancient wizard, Gideon, and how his pet wyvern, Wycca, goes through a magical time hole to lay her egg.  Gideon's rival, Kobold, goes after Wycca  to capture and control her.  Gideon must travel through the time hole from ancient times to get Wycca and her baby back before Kobold gets to them.  But, Gideon must also get back a missing card from his wyvern deck (to be able to find his wyvern) which has accidently been taken by present day Theodora Oglethorpe!  Theodora Oglethorpe is in love wyverns and wants nothing more but to see and have one for herself. 

This book is full of thrills and suspense and is a good book for anyone who enjoys a good fiction book!

Amanda C. - 7th grader