Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Afterlife by Gary Soto

The Afterlife is a book about a high school student named Chuy who is killed by a mysterious man and is turned into a ghost. As a ghost, Chuy must learn how to control his ghost body and adjust to the fact that he is dead. While he is a ghost he figures he might as well explore his home town, Fresno, California. During his journey, though, he makes some new ghost friends and figures out many things about his past along the way. The afterlife, Chuy finds out, is not as easy as he thinks

The Afterlife is a very satisfying book. The book will often keep you reading with all of the unique twists and turns in the book. The plot was well developed and always kept with the story. It is pretty hard to get lost while reading this book. The one thing negative about this book is a lack of action. This book didn't have much of a thrill to it but this is a rather minor complaint for the quality of what it did have. I would recommend this book to everybody who likes to read. If you like ghosts and like to read, The Afterlife is the book for you.

Aaron S - 7th grader