Friday, January 28, 2011

Holes by Louis Sachar

The book I read was Holes. The author of the book is Louis Sachar. This book is about a kid named Stanley Yelnats.Stanley is accused of stealing a pair of shoes that fell from the sky. Stanley has to go to court and the judge gives him two options. He can either go to jail, or go to Camp Green Lake. Stanley chooses the camp. At the camp the boys are forced to dig holes every day. Stanley realizes he is digging the wholes for a reason. He can’t figure out the reason though. The warden is looking for something. But what could be in a dried up lake. Stanley tries to dig up the truth of what there looking for. I would recommend this book to boys because the main characters are boys. Can Stanley break the chain of his family have bad luck because they were cursed? Will he find what the warden is looking for? Read the book and find out!