Friday, January 28, 2011

"Flipped" By Wendelin Van Draaen

Flipped is about a girl name Juli Baker who falls in love with a boy  
name Bryce Loski ever since he moved into her neighborhood when they  
were little. Bryce never gives Juli any chances because he finds her a  little weird. He just doesn't think a girl who raises chickens and  
sits in trees for fun is for him, until 8th grade comes along.  In 8th  
grade Bryce starts to realize that he might have some interest in Juli  
and Juli realizes that Bryce's blue eyes are just as empty as the rest  
as him. "Flipped" is a funny book that always keeps you wanting to  
read more. It could be read by both girls and boys because every  
chapter is either from Juli's point of view or Bryce's. "Flipped" also  
is a book  that many  of us could relate to which makes it more  

Gabrielle M. - Mrs. Poulton
7th grade