Friday, January 28, 2011

Hoops by Walter Dean Myers

I read Hoops by Walter Dean Myers. In this realistic fiction novel, seventeen year-old Lonnie Jacksonis the star of a city-wide basketball tournament.His coach, Cal, knows Lonnie can easily make it to the NBA because he used to play pro ball, until he got involved with the wrong people. Cal and his friends got caught betting on games while they were pro. Know, a couple of decades later, Cal's friends know they can make a lot of money by betting on Cal's game. Cal's friends want Lonnie to sit out the championship game, and know Cal has to make a choice whether or not to play Lonnie.
    I would recommend this book to mostly guys. This is because most of the characters are boys. However, if you're a girl and like basketball I would still suggest this book to you.

Ryan B.
Mrs. Poulton
7th grade