Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dewey by Vicki Myron

On a cold January morning, librarian Vicki Myron found a kitten in the book drop in the small town of Spencer, Iowa. She named him Dewey and decided to keep him. When Dewey arrived, Spencer was going through hard times, but Dewey captured the hearts of many Spencer residents as he made everyone feel special and brought new hope. He always knew who needed a mood lift. Dewey later became known throughout the world. This nonfiction book is told from Vicki's point of view, and includes turns both funny and touching.

I recommend this book to all cat lovers. I especially like the part where Dewey brightens up a disabled little girl's life. This is different from other stories because it's nonfiction, but it still is a great read.

Tara Liu
Mrs. Poulton
7th grade