Friday, January 28, 2011

Framed by Gordon Korman

The book I read was Framed by Gordon Korman. It’s about a boy named Griffin Bing who is trying to change his bad reputation. Griffin has recently been blamed for stealing a valuable Super Bowl ring from his school. Even though he didn’t take it, everyone else except his friends and parents think he did steal it. Throughout the story, Griffin tries to catch the real culprit, but instead, he keeps getting into more trouble. For instance, Griffin gets put under house arrest with an ankle bracelet. However, with the help of his friend Melissa, he hacks it off so he can leave the house. If you want to know who actually stole the ring, you will have to read the book.
                  I would recommend this book to both boys and girls, because it’s not too violent or boyish. The book has situations and experiences to which both boys and girls can relate.

Declan S.
Mrs. Poulton
7th Grade