Monday, January 3, 2011

A Boy at War by Harry Mazer

I thought the book was a great book. If you think about reading it then do. The book is about a teenager names Adam that has moved around a lot because his Dad is in the military and his family has to move with there father. Bea Adams sister doesnt mind but when they move to Hawii Adam makes a friend Davi. He sees Davi at the beach and and plays football with him and his friends and on his way home he wipes out on his bike so Davi told him that he could go woth him to his house and his dad could fix it. And adam didnt want to be late and he went with Davi and his dad fied his bike and he was late any ways. his dad asked him why was he late and he told his father the truth. His father asked were does Davi live and Adam told him. His father was mad at him because he lives in Chinatown and his father says that they are Japenesse and adam tried to argue. Then he was hanging out with Davi and They were getting shot at by a Japenesse plane and they thouht it was a show. If you want to find out the rest you will have to read it yourself. It is awsome!

Kevin, 7th Grade
Mrs. Poulton