Friday, January 21, 2011

Killer by Sara Shepard

The book I read is Killer by Sara Shepard.It is the seventh book in the Pretty Little Liars book series. This book is about how Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer are trying to find out who killed their friend Ally. As they get closer to finding the killer, they have to make sacrifices or risk their secrets being told by a mysterious person named A. Hanna has been having some boy troubles and the war between her sisters for higher popularity has gone to far. Aria is trying to deal with the fact she is going to have to deal with her parents splitting and going their separate ways. Emily on the other hand has lots of boy troubles and is starting to catch on to the silly tricks A has in store for them. Spencer is trying to piece together the puzzle of her family's past and gets herself into a world of trouble only to find out she was tricked yet again.In the end when they get super close to finding out some major secrets, that people have been hiding from them, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer find them selves caught in a fire in Spencer's backyard. Aria on the other hand was on her way to tell her friends some big news, when someone set a fire in the woods that leaded to Spencer's house.When caught in this fire Aria discovers something huge, that you wont believe and can only find out if you read this book series by Sara Shepard. This book series will leave you guessing after each book and you will want to find out more! I recommend this to mostly girls who loves mysteries and suspense. If you like both of those things this is the perfect series for you!

Jenna A.

Mrs. Poulton