Monday, June 6, 2011

Car Trouble by Jeanne Duprau

Cover imageDuff Pringle, the main character, is just out of high school when he gets a job offer as a computer programmer from a company in California. He buys a used Ford Escort and decides to drive cross-country to his job so that he can see the country. However, barely a hundred miles from home, his old car breaks down. Using the Internet, Duff finds someone who wants somebody to drive a car to St. Louis. Duff accepts and uses that as way to continue his journey. Along the way, he meets a friendly hitchhiker named Stu, a girl named Bonnie who wants to be a singer, and many other unique characters. The trip takes many interesting twists and turns, which makes it really fun to read.
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books about road trips and likes when unexpected things happen in a book.

Tara L. 
Mrs. Poulton