Monday, June 13, 2011

Totally Joe by James Howe

The book I read was Totally Joe by James Howe. It’s about a young boy named Joe Bunch and his language arts teacher assigned him a project called an alpha biography. Joe doesn’t really know what to write about though. His teacher said to write down all his secrets because the teacher is the only one that will see it. The thing about Joe though, is he’s not like other boys. He isn’t a “guy-guy.” Joe is actually gay but yet he’s proud of it. His Aunt Pam knows he is and so does his parents but his aunt is more supportive. I say this because she is always doing stuff for him like putting a colored streak in his hair and painting his pinky nail and piercing his ear. Joe also has great friends because they know he’s gay but it doesn’t bother them they just go along with it. Before you read Totally Joe you have to read Misfits because it’s the beginning of the whole story of the friends and drama.
I would recommend this book to mostly girls because most guys are immature. Most of them will see the word gay and start laughing or make a joke about it. Also, most guys wouldn’t be able to handle some of the events that happen in this book.

-Jackie C.