Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It Only Looks Easy by Pamela Curtis Swollow

I recently read It Only Looks Easy, a realistic fiction book by Pamela Curtis Swollow. This book is about a seventh grade girl named Kaita. The setting takes place at her school and in her neighborhood. The plot is that her dog gets hit by a car and is in critical condition at the vet. Kaita can't stand the waiting to find out if her dog will be okay or not so she cuts school after lunch and "borrows" a bike. She leaves a note on the bike rack saying that she will return it later that day. She then left the bike outside the vet's office and it was stolen. Kaita had no choice but to come clean to her parents. Read the book to find out what happens to Kaita.

I choose this book because it had a dog on the cover and it was recommended to me. I liked this book because I am an animal lover and I like to solve mysteries. Anyone that shares a common interest with me might enjoy this book.

-Aliyha E. 7th Grade