Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rivals by Tim Green

Cover imageAre you a baseball fan??? Then you should read the Rivals by Tim Green. This genre of the book is realistic fiction. The main characters are Josh, Benji, and Jaden. In the beginning Josh had met his match in one of his games he played in the U14 travel team when he got hit with the beanball by 75 mph. Josh and his Benji had encourage Jaden by accident to be a reporter about a baseball player and Josh sees her like twice a month. Josh in the end strides for the championship to try get his revenge.

I would had recommend this book to six, seventh, and eighth graders, also to all baseball fans. Some reasons are why I enjoyed this book are: because I read some of his books and  I enjoyed it. Second I am a baseball fan and three fourths of the book had to be about baseball. My last reason why I liked it because I could picture everything in my head, like what was going on. This was the info I had read about the Rivals.

Mr. Lubin's class