Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Everything for a Dog by Ann M. Martin

This book is called Everything for a Dog. by Ann M. Martin. This book is realistic fiction. It is about a dog, a father about his childhood, and a young boy. Bones, the dog is about him and his life. Bones lived with his mother and his sister, but one time his mother was off looking for food, but she never came back and Bones and his sister have to survive by themselves. Charlie, a father, who is talking about his childhood, lost his brother from an accident that happened and Charlie might have another loss of his closest family members. Henry is a young boy who have always wanted a dog, but cannot get one. Then, one day he spots a dog wandering around and wants to save the stray dog. These three characters have different lives, but they come together in way.
I like this book because, I like animals, especially dogs and this story involves dogs. Also, I recommend this book to people who have pets especially, dogs and have a heart for them.
Casey L