Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan

I am recommending Cirque Du Freak A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan book one in the 12 part series.  The genre is fantasy.  The main character is Darren shan.   His friend and him, steve, read a lot of horror comics.  They go to a freak show called Cirque Du Freak.  Steve saw that one of the performers is a vampire that performed with a spider.  After the show steve stays, and talk to the vampire because he wants to be a vampire too, but to do that he has to abandon every thing.  Darren hears him saying that, so he doesn't talk to Steve for a while.  Darren steals the spider from the vampire and it bites steve, and the only cure is one that the vampire has.  Darren has to find a way to save steve before he dies.
     I liked this book because it is full of twist, and keep you thinking the whole time.  People who also like this book are 5-8 grade boys because it has a lot of action, vampires, wolf men, and little people who eat everything.  Also, people who like to read books from Darren Shan. If you are one of those people, or just like the summary you have to read this book.

by Dylan D.- 7th grader