Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hidden Talents by David Lubar

Cover imageHidden Talents, written by David Lubar, is an amazingly awesome book. The genre of this magnificent book is realistic fiction. Hidden Talents is about Martin Anderson who gets kicked out of every school he attends because of his mouth. In the last school that would accept him, he made some friends. To Martin, the kids that he meets are perfectly normal. Until one day he does some research and comes to a conclusion that his friends have powers. If you like a book with mystery, but also realistic, then this is the book for you.
            Boys in between ages 10-13 would like this book. They would like this for a numbers of reasons. First, most of the main characters are male. Also, these guys are doing stuff boys this age often do. They are bad in school that’s common for boys this age.

Shayne S. -Mr. Lubin's class