Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blade: Playing Dead by Tim Bowler

Blade Playing Dead by Tim Bowler is a violent book. I would recommend this book for boys because they would like the violence. The gist of the story is how a kid named Blade has to keep a low profile by trying to play dead. Blade has to dye his hair a different color to stay low key. He uses his safe money to help try to get out of the city. He has to try and stay away from the patrolled areas because he has a bad reputation with the cops. He got his name Blade from the way he can handle a knife. He helps this girl named Becky and her "kid" Jaz tyr to escape and get away from the city and her old gang.

I liked the book because my friend Elijah Richmon recommended it to me. I'd recommend it because it shows a true part in life because of the gangs, kids living on the street, stealing money, and sleeping in houses that are vacant for the time being. I also liked it because it is a very fast paced book. It also shows that the author did some research on the parts he put in the book. I think the boys would like it because they are the ones who like violence and bad language and knife fighting.  This is why i would recommend Blade.

Zachary S.- 7th grader