Thursday, October 28, 2010

Payback by Paul Langan

Cover imageThe book Payback by Paul Langan in the Bluford High Series was an outstanding novel. Tyray Hobbs, the main character, has grown up around a bad environment and trouble all his life. He is a notorious bully. After Darrell Mercer takes enough of Tyray’s nonsense he beats him up and breaks his wrist. When Tyray gets tired of being teased at school, he gets something that changes his life. This results in a life or death situation. The genre of this book is realistic fiction.
 I enjoyed this book because it seemed so real. I could imagine the story in my head while I was reading because the author put so much imagery in his text. The story flowed together very nicely, and it taught me a lesson at the end. I would recommend this book to people who like realistic fiction books and some drama. If I had to rate this book out of five stars I would give it five stars because I liked the ending.

Jamye- Mr. Lubin's Class