Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jackie and Me by Dan Gutman

The book I would recommend is Jackie & Me.  this book is a scientific non-fiction by Dan Gutman.  This book is about a kid named Joe Stoshack.  Always in the beginning of the book he plays baseball but that isn't big in the book at all.  Joe isn't an ordinary kid he can travel back in time with baseball cards.  Only him and a few other people know what he can do.  So he heard about Jackie Robinson and wants to meet him.  But Joes mom never lets him go.  Joe always persuades her to let him.  His mom can't say no.  Joe go to the store and buys a Jackie Robinson baseball card.  He packs his stuff including a baseball card from his time.  Then he holds the card up to his chest and goes back to 1947.  Joe learned everything about Jackie and has a blast.

I liked the book because Jackie Robinson is a role model to me.  He's not what you think.  He did everything.  He was in the army, he played football, basketball, and he helped his mom raise money for the family.  All that in college, also he played in a negro league.  But Branch Rickey wanted him to break the color barrier.  So also Branch Rickey broke the color barrier.  but Rickey told Jackie to watch his back of threats and black mails.  But that did not scare Jackie.

 Jay E. - 7th grader