Friday, February 13, 2009

Get Real By Betty Hicks

Dez likes grand pianos and elegant food, while her family are infamous slobs. She’s so different from her family that sometimes she thinks she could be adopted. Obviously Dez is very different from her family. When her best friend Jil seeks out to find her birth mother, (she’s adopted), Dez’s world goes upside down. This book is about friendship as much as it is about wanting a parent who is different than your own.
I picked this book because it is funny and inspiring. It’s inspiring because Dez goes after what she wants, and she’s really hard working. When she wanted a piano, she did everything to get it. The ending is very satisfying, and I related to all the characters. Other books by the author are I Smell Like Ham, Busted! and Out Of Order.

Yael F. - 7th grader