Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophia Kinsella

This amazing book that I will be sharing is realistic fiction and is a romantic comedy and is about a young woman named Rebecca Bloomwood who is obviously a shopaholic. She feels that shopping with a magic card (Visa credit card) is great because there are only 3 simple steps into getting the cutest Versace fur coat out the store door. You admire it, swipe it, and take it. But little does Rebecca know that to every price there is a bill.

Rebecca works for FT (financial times) as a financial advisor for people who have money managing problems and have an addiction to buying. Ironic right because Rebecca can’t even mange the amount of debt and credit card bills spilling out her mailbox. Until she gets a wake up call “ THE IRS” Rebecca’s worst fear and meanest enemies. And here is a little riddle for you to solve. What doesn’t come in a package or price and will always love you not matter what?

To find out the answer to this funny riddle and to join Rebecca on the shopping spree journey of a lifetime go to you local library and check it out. Or for any of you movie lovers it will be coming out in theaters February 13th.

Amanda A.- 7th grader