Friday, February 13, 2009

EVIL STAR by Anthony Horowitz

Do you like fantasy? Well if you do Evil Star is for you. Evil Star is a sequel to
Raven’s Gate. Before reading Evil Star I would recommend Raven’s Gate. A lot of things from the beginning of the book Evil star relate to Raven’s Gate. The main character Matt goes to Peru to find the second gate. The first gate was Raven’s Gate. In Peru Matt meets a 14 year old Peruvian peasant boy named Pedro. In ancient times the Old Ones aimed to destroy the earth but 5 children fought and defeated the Old Ones. Matt & Pedro are both one of the five. So I believe there will be 5 books, a new child joining in each one. So the story continues in NightRise which I still cannot find!

Steven W. 7th grader