Friday, January 22, 2010

You Have Mail By Matthew Newman

This book is about cyber hackers and people who are trying to ruin the internet experience for others. Hackers are sending around worms and viruses that slow down and can even shut down your computer. Learn about the high school student who started a world wide crisis. Find out how you can protect your computer from these worms and viruses.

I really enjoyed this book because it's topic is about something that interest me. I think computers are great tools. This book also kept me interested by including pictures, graphs, and cool facts. This book is great for all readers. I highly recommend this book to others, because computers are very important in our lives and we need to know how to protect them. This author has also written documentaries on Larry Bird, Dwight Gooden, Patrick Ewing, Lynette Woodard, Brandy, and Rickey Martin.

Daniel Z
8th grade science student