Friday, January 22, 2010

Shark Life by Peter Benchley

The novel Shark Life is a non-fiction book written by Peter Benchley who wrote the best selling book and movie Jaws. This novel is about true stories of shark encounters and how the people involved escaped almost certain death. In addition, there is also information on other mysterious sea creatures and fun facts about the movie Jaws. If you do read this book, you will also find helpful survival techniques that can be used in several different scenarios that any one of us may encounter.

This is a book that is unique, in the fact that it switches subjects from time to time. I myself found that this change of pace kept things interesting and fresh. Just when the reader is growing weary of a shark story the author will change to facts about another sea creature. This feature, in my opinion, makes this book enjoyable to all types of readers, as it has something for all of us.

John S.
8th grade Oasis House