Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Physics: From Newton To The Big Bang by Albert and Eve Stwertka

Have you ever wondered about our world? Have you ever wanted to understand why stuff happens? Learning about the universe has always been a challenge for us but we all have to start somewhere. To understand the universe, one must start with gravity and before you can get to gravity you have to understand motion. Physics brings all that together and explains the world as it is! It will answer all your questions about our universe. Is there a 4th dimension? What and how are rainbows made? How was the universe made?

This book is made for seekers of truth. It’s a book that will leave you thinking, even weeks after you’ve read it. It’s a real page-turner and with every word you read the world will become a bit less complicated. I thought this book was an eye-opener. Even thought it was a bit challenging, it was a book worth reading. So, I recommend this book to those who aren’t afraid of a challenge.

Review by:Chang Lu
8th grade Science Student