Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Coraline takes places basically in two worlds very similar to one another.
One is created by Coraline's ''other mother'' and the other world is reality. The main characters are Coraline , Coraline's mom, Coraline's dad,her other mother, her other dad, and a black cat that plays a big part in the book. Coraline's real mother noticed this door in coraline's room and when she opened it there was a brick wall behind it. One day when Coraline's parents had strangely disappeared. Coraline opened that door and the brick wall was gone and it was pitch dark. Coraline began to walk into the darkness until she came to a room that looked exactly like her room. Coraline thought that she went around in a circle and was actually back in her own room, but she wasn't. She was in another world. She went into the kitchen and there sat two wooden people with black buttons for eyes who looked like they had waiting for Coraline. They said to Coraline, ''We have been waiting for you!'' Coraline was confused, but they began to explain to her what was going on and she then began to understand.

When you read the book you are going to want to find out what had happened to Coraline's parents and why had those other people been looking for Coraline?! I recommend this book to mystery lovers and any one who likes creepy books. This is the only Neil Gaiman book that I've read. I hope you don't miss out this fabulous opportunity.

Shanique R- 7th grader