Thursday, January 28, 2010

There's A Fungus Among Us by John DiConsilgio

Do you know what’s growing in the ceiling of the room you sleep in?
Or maybe what little cells could possibly take your life? It’s a little thing called
Fungus. There’s A Fungus Among Us is about the horrid stories of life taking situations where fungus has taken over and won. One situation where many people were struck by this nasty fungus was in 2005. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans flooding many homes. These nasty molds grew in most houses where the damage occurred. But don’t think all fungus is bad. This book elaborates how one of the greatest medicines of all time comes from fungus. Find all the gross nasty things this fungus has done in history and how many lives were saved from it also from reading this book.

Sara J
8th grade science student