Friday, January 22, 2010

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

This book is about a boy named Cole Matthews. Who has been stealing and beating up kids for years. A boy by the name of Peter Driscall had his face smashed into the ground  by cole. So cole has to choose the punishment of Circle Justice or Jail. What circle justice is, is when a kid gets shipped off to a place for a whole year solated by his/herself. When cole gets to an Alaskan island he is mauled by a mysterious white Spirit Bear. After this bear attacked cole he realized what it feels like and how Peter must feel now since thats what cole did to him! After a while cole figures out what he did was really wrong and so he invites Peter and his parents to come onto this island and show them that he really changed. When Peter gets there he hates cole and doesn't talk to anyone but after Cole shows Peter is totem sculpting Peter takes an interest in it to, and now Peter knows that Cole has really changed and so they become friends.

Alex S.
7th grade