Monday, December 13, 2010

The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

 The book I recently read was called The Alchemyst by Michael Scott. The book is about twins named Josh and Sophie who are  part of a prophecy in an ancient book called The Book of Abraham the Mage. This book is being gaurded by Nicholas Flamel, an immortal alchemist. Nicholas is guarding this book against a force called the Dark Elders. The Elders are people who existed before humans apeared on earth. These elders helped humans first get on there feet. Then humans became the Elders slaves.The Dark Elders want to bring that way of life back and the only way they can do that is by getting the book Nicholas is protecting.
      This book starts out with Josh and Sophie at work. Right now Josh and Sophie don't know anything about the Codex (The Book of Abraham the Mage), the Elders, or about the prophecy they are in. Josh and Sophie are at work when Dr. John Dee enters the book store Josh and Nicolas Flamel work at. Dr. Dee is working with the Dark Elders and attacks the bookshop, an steals all but 2 pages of the Codex. Josh, Nick, and Sophie escape but Nick's wife, Perrenelle, has been kidnapped. Josh, Nick, and Sophie have to save Perry and save the world before the Dark elders do or they are doomed.
       The genre of this book is Fantasy and I think this book is for boys and girls because there is a boy and girl character. I really enjoyed this book and think everyone should read it. This book is the first book of a series of currently 4 books.

by Roshan V.
Mrs. Poulton