Monday, November 1, 2010

Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Cover imageThis year I read the book Found by:Margaret Peterson Haddix. Basically this book is about a group of kids who have just discovered that they're really from the past,because they were brought to the future by time travelers to get money. Therefore time got damaged so now Jonah,Chip,Katherine, and Alex all have to travel back to their own time to fix time. That the time travelers damaged by taking them from history. I think that this book is science fiction because there's no such thing as time travel. Also because there's no such thing as an elucidator(a futuristic weapon that can do anything even turn people invisible.)

One of the reasons I liked this book was because there's a lot of adventure in it because they found out chip and Alex are really brothers whereas Chip is a king and Alex is a prince. So they have to travel back to the fifteenth century to fight in a battle to defend the crown. While there's a lot of adventure there's also a lot of drama because everyone is sad because they're scared they'll die and be stuck in the past forever. I would recommend this book to people who like action,adventure,drama,historic fiction,science fiction,fantasy,and romance because this book and the others in this series have all of these things in them.

Tiana B. 
Mr. Lubin's Class