Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mind Readers: Science Examines Esp (24/7: Science Behind the Scenes) by T. Tilden

Synopsis: Do you believe in ESP? Is it possible for someone to be able to see into the future?
Can one human know exactly what another is thinking, using telepathy, or are they
just mentalists? Well with all the magicians today that have admitted to not really
having ESP, it's very easy to be a skeptic. In this non-fiction book. you willl read
multiple real life examples of ESP, and backround information on today's magicians
and mentalists.

Review: My favorite part of this book was learning how Marc Salem, one of today's best
magicians, pulls off al of the amazing tricks that blow peoples minds. Reader's that
would enjoy this book should be people interested in learning more about the topic
of ESP. This author has also written another "24/7 Science Behind the Scenes" book
entitled "Help! What's Eating My Flesh?: Runaway Staph and Strep Infections!"

AJ Goldstein
8th grade science student