Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Have you ever read a book about survival in a dog’s prospective? How about one where the main character has to dig down into the snow at night just to stay warm? If you want to try to read a book like that The Call of the Wild would be a perfect book. It's an exciting adventure book. The book is about a dog named Buck, in Alaska, that goes through a lot of obstacles. As Buck is in Alaska he gets stronger and smarter. He is forced to become a sled dog.

One of Buck's owners abuses Buck a lot. Buck owes his life to a guy named John Thornton because John saves Buck from being abused even more. I think the message in this book is not to abuse animals. This book is hard to read and it might take you a long time, but it is worth it! The Call of the Wild only has seven chapters. I would recommended this book to someone who likes adventure and classics.

Jason C
7th grader