Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Al Capone Does My Shirt by Gennifer Choldenko

Moose Flanagan and his family moved to Alcatraz Island in 1935. Alcatraz was an island that holds the most dangerous criminals like Al Capone. The Flanagans are a family of four: Moose, Natalie (a sixteen year old mentally disabled sister who is thought to be ten), a mom, and a dad. There are other kids on the island, but none of them are eviler than the warden's daughter, Piper. Moose soon becomes knee deep in all of Piper's plans.

This book is funny, melancholy, and family oriented. You will laugh, cry, and feel guilty to all of Moose's stories. This book is historical fiction. It is meant to those who need an easy funny book. Both girls and boys would read this books and savor every page of this marvelous story.

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