Friday, January 30, 2009

Totally Joe by James Howe

This book is about a gay boy named Joe Bunch. Joe's Aunt Pam lives with him and she knows that Joe is gay, so she helps him with his problem. She tells him to be who he is and not anyone else. Joe has a group of friends and they call themselves the Gang of Five because they all get teased at school. Their names are Bobby Goodspeed, Addie Carle, and Skeezie Tookis. Joe has a crush on a boy named Colin, but Joe knows that Colin isn't gay like Joe so it would never happen, but as the book goes on you will learn something about Colin that you would'nt suspect.
I loved this book because it shows what good friends do for eachother and i like the author because he writes about the gay people and what they go through because James Howe is gay. i recomend everybody to read it. It's an easy read and really good!

Kailyn V. - 7th grader