Monday, January 5, 2009

SweetHearts by Sara Zarr

It all started out in lower elementary school. Jennifer Harris had no friends, everyone makes fun of her, her parents are divorce, she lives with her mom who is never home, and she is overweight. One day at school Jennifer finally got the courage to go up to a boy, Cameron Quick, and ask him to join her club. Cameron also has no friends and his family is a little messed up too. They instantly became best friends. One day it was Jennifer’s birthday and Cameron told her to come over because he made her something. Jennifer wasn’t allowed over his house and she didn’t like going there anyway. When she got there she didn’t feel comfortable being there so she tried to get away. But just when she tried to leave Cameron’s dad was right behind her. Something happened that day that she could never forget. The next day at school Cameron wasn’t there and the other kids told Jennifer that he died. She hasn’t seen him since. Years past she is now a senior at high school and she lost weight, got a boy friend, and became popular. Her mom got remarried, they had more money, and her name changed to Jenna Vaugh. It was her birthday again and she got a letter in the mail from Cameron Quick.

This realistic-fiction book is now one of my favorite books! I think mostly girls would like this book. Once you start reading this book you won’t want to put it down.

Andrea P.- 7th grade